Fini le 25 septembre -VERIFY by paying $1. Send me the link after so I can post it and grade your first Wiki assignment.

Tarea 1-Termina el 2 de octubre

1. Sign up to create a Wikispace that will be your eportfolio for this class. Follow directions on your username, what to call your wikispace and password below. Username is (Spanish name or first name, first letter of last name, last 2 digits of graduation year. Ex. JosefinaW12).
2. Get an gmail account. Make this a professional email. Make your address like this-last name, first initial. Example:
3. Using your gmail account to register for a Wikispace
  • You are going to design a personal eportfolio Wikispace where you will keep a record of assignments and assessments. Therefore, these pages must be organized in a manner that will be useful and informative as well as accurate, both in information and in the French language. (You can get help in using the wiki by looking at tutorials)
  • Your home page is a separate page.

4. How to create a Wikispace
  1. If you do not have a wikispace create an account first:
  2. User name: something you remember. For example mine is theisent. I use this name for every wikispace I make)
  3. Password-something you remember or already use. You will use the same for every wiki you make. Don’t have one use: frenchclasses
  4. Email you will remember and use (or create an email account with
  5. When you are ready to make a wikispace or already have an account go here: (free with no ads)
  6. Wikispace name will be (ex: Fr4SophieW13 which is Fr4+French name + first initial of last name + year of graduation) (Your password is frenchclasses)
  7. Protected: check on this type of wiki: Protected
  8. Check: Educational use
  9. Click: Create

Tarea 2-Google mail

  1. Get an gmail account. Make this a professional email. If you need an idea, make your address like this-last name, first initial. Example:

Tarea 3-Home page and links on your Wikispace

  1. On the menu side click edit navigation (it is very small and at the bottom)
  2. Delete box that appears-highlight it-delete it.
  3. Type Home
  4. Highlight it
  5. Click link-wiki link-save
  6. Open up another tab and find LHS French classes and copy the URL
  7. Type under home: LHS French classes wiki-look on the left side of this wiki to see what I am talking about
  8. Highlight it
  9. Link it-external link-save
  10. Now do the same procedure to make a page called: Liens utiles (useful links)
  11. Each time you want to make a new page-click on edit navigation, then type name of page, highlight it, click on link (it is a wiki link), then click save.
  12. Each time you want to connect to an outside link, type word or phrase you want for that link, highlight it, click on link, click on external link, click sav

Tarea 5: Les liens utiles: -copy and paste these links to the "Liens Utiles" (useful links)page on your wiki. Add 2 helpful sites that you find. After these sites are on your page-save. Now check out each of these sites.

  1. Word Reference: un dictionnaire
  2. Lexilogos-un autre dictionnaire aussi avec synonymes
  3. Text to Voice Translator-fun
  4. verb2verbe The Verb 2 Verbe conjugator switches between any form of English or French verbs.
  5. Conjugez un verbe
  6. Encore des verbes
  7. currency converter

Tarea 6-Home page: Edit and put on your home page

  1. Bienvenue à mon wiki. Je m'appelle (your French name-no last name)-add this to your page.
  2. We will put a paragraph next week.
  3. Make a table with 2 columns and 2 rows for pictures.
  4. Find 2 pictures of LHS and 2 pictures of Loveland-hyperlink the picture by adding and external link-like you did when you make your pages on the menu.
  5. Make another table with 2 columns and 3 rows for pictures.
  6. Find 6 pictures that represent the Francophone world such as countries, holidays, traditions , building , monuments, food, art, etc. Hyperlink the pictures to a site. Have varied pix to represent the French speaking world. (If you use google images-the images is usually connected to a website)