Reflexives review:

  1. Reflexives overview: Answer: When do you use reflexive pronouns?:
  2. Practice: complete 1 activity (A, B, or C) and write down one reflexive and one non-reflexive sentence.
  3. Vocabulary: write down 4 new reflexive verbs:
  4. Reflexives: scroll down and write 4 other new reflexives in the yo form (me lavo las manos) Wikibooks Extensive list of reflexive verb
  5. Reflexive or not? Complete the activity: Quia
  6. Reflexives Song: No hago más na' de El Gran Combo listening & lyrics: complete lyrics on your handout:
  7. Reflexives Video: "No hago más na

    Video project: Prepárate description and rubric:

    Look at these videos and links for ideas on how to make your project, and write a 2 sentence description of each in English

  8. YouTube video on using Flip Cameras:
    1. Flip Video Digital Camera
    2. How to Use a Flip Video Camera
  9. Answer: What is this site? How could you use it for your project?
  10. Click on "Education", then "Language Courses" in the left column, or click on watch another student's video in Spanish.
  11. Describe what this site does, and how you could use it.
  12. make an online video with cartoon characters. Click ondvolver movie maker to make your own animation.
  13. Xtranormal: Animation made easy. How could you use this to make your video?
  14. Choose a video editing program & write 3 important steps for using it. If you are a Mac user, view tutorials on iMovie
    or if you are a PC user, see how to use Windows Movie Maker