Proyecto del Cuento Infantíl W

Explore the following sites for alternative options for making your Spanish childrens' story. Write your responses on a piece of paper to turn in.

1. Spanish language storybird: Read 2 stories, write what you read and what you liked about them.
2. Storyboard tour : Watch video, explain what you like and don't like about using this site to create your storybook
3. World Language Storybird wiki: Read this site and answer: What is the difficulty in making a Storybird in a language other than English? How can you get around that problem?
4. Storymaker: Figure out how to make a story with this site, and write 1 scene. Draw and write your scene and tell what you liked and didn't like about using this site.
5. Bookemon: Find out how to make a book with this site and read one sample book. What do you like and not like about this site?
6.Calaméo : Take the tour of how to use this site to make and publish and share books and magazines. What do you like and not like about this site?
7. Bubblr : Find out how to make a comic book with this site. Explore the archive. Could you use this for your project?

8. Now that you have explored several options of how to make your storybook online, do you plan to use one of these? Which one and why? Remember, that you also have the option of writing a storybook on paper and illustrating it yourself. Also, you could use a program you know like Powerpoint or Word.

How will you make your storybook?